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Web Design & Development

Custom Website Design

Our belief is that every business is unique, no two are exactly the same - so why settle for a generic looking template website? We specialize in creating content-rich custom designed websites from scratch that will make your business truly stand out from the rest. Call today to schedule a free consultation, you may be pleasantly to hear just how much we can do with your website. Included FREE with ALL custom website packages (excludes a la carte website services) are:

The typical price for custom-coded websites can depend on many factors, such as the size and scale of the website, complexity, capabilities, etc. For example, a simple informative website with just a few pages may run on the low end of the scale, whereas dynamic database-driven and larger scale websites with all the bells and whistles will cost more. All our quotes are flat rate and do not change. There are no "hidden fees" or "unexpected costs". We lay it all out up-front and give you a fair quote for professional quality work well below larger web design firms.

Website Redesign

Is your current website hideous? The problem stems from the fact that the website design field has no formal licensing or educational requirements. Because of this, any Tom, Dick, or Harry can easily become a "webmaster". Scary thought right? Unfortunately, we can't ban bad web designers from the internet, but we can redesign your website to make it not only visually appealing, but search engine optimized as well. After all, what good is a website that nobody can see?

Invigorating Media strictly complies with the website design and structure guidelines set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). W3C is basically responsible for all formal website standards as we know them. Want to see how compliant your website is compared to the official standards? See for yourself by clicking here.

PHP Programming

PHP is a web server-side programming language. It can be used to significantly enhance the functionality and capability of virtually any website. With PHP, we can create secure sections of your website capable of:

Those are just a few of the popular functions people request for their website, but the sky is the limit. If you don't see a functionality you want on the list, give us a call.

Responsive & Mobile Web Development

We live in a highly mobile world today. In the United States, the latest figures estimate that nearly 50% of mobile phone users or more own some type of smartphone or tablet. Having a responsive website designed to be compatible with smartphones and tablets will increase traffic, improve the usability of your website, and secure more return visitors than websites that are not responsive. Our own website is a great example of responsive website design. Depending on the resolution of your device, our website will dynamically change to become easier to view as well as self-optimize to improve loading speeds and ease of navigation. Resize your current web browser window to emulate this effect, or open our website up in your tablet or smartphone.

Database-Driven Websites

Sometimes static informational websites just don't cut it. Maybe you want a dynamic website that can be constantly updated with new material or have the ability to display an active inventory of products, an ever-changing list of services, or perhaps a frequently updated news/blog section on your website. We routinely help business owners and individuals get out of costly monthly contracts with other web designers/developers by building completely customized database-driven systems from scratch that make it simple for them to update their own websites.

eCommerce Websites

As technology and the internet as we know it advances, it becomes increasingly easier to start your own online business and sell stuff. Amazon and eBay make the process of selling things easy, but they also take a large percentage and some people just want their own storefront and want to make their own rules. We hear and understand that! We know eCommerce and can provide our clients with a customized eCommerce solution according to their needs and the types of items they wish to sell.