Custom Web Portals

We don’t just do simple websites, we have also developed comprehensive custom web-based applications for a wide range of businesses and industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, personal fitness/gym, auto repair & sales, and more. Some of the things our clients use their custom web apps for include:

  • Managing patients, customers, or users with various permission levels
  • Subscription billing and membership tracking
  • Project management and logging
  • Automated secure communication using multiple mediums
  • Database-driven dynamic generation of invoices, forms, and faxes

Our web-based systems are lightning fast, can be secured with industry-standard SSL encryption (for PCI and HIPAA compliance), can be easily modified to accommodate ever-changing needs, can support hundreds or even thousands of concurrent users, can be customized to your exact specifications, and usually ends up being cheaper to run and maintain than premade software because there are no licensing fees. You own your custom software.

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